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Measure PD

How to measure your Pupillary-Distance (PD)? Your PD measurement is needed for the correct position of your lenses within the frame you have selected. Measure your PD with your old glasses, look straight at a mirror, place a dot in middle of each lens at the center of the pupil (black dot) and use a millimeter ruler to take your measurement between the two dots. Confirm this by having a pro measure the distance from the center of the pupil (black dot) in one eye to the center of the pupil in the other eye. To measure your PD:

1. Place the millimeter ruler on the bridge of your nose.
2. Have a friend face you about arms length away.
3. Have a friend measure the distance between the center of your pupils (black dots in the middle of your eyes).
4. Or do it yourself by looking in the mirror.
By federal law your eye doctor must provide your current prescription and PD to you. As a guideline, most adults’ PD’s are between 55-65, with women at an average of 60 and men at an average of 64. Most kids’ PD’s are between 42-54.

If your measured PD has two different numbers, you have either been given both the Distance/Reading or Right Eye/Left Eye PD. If the numbers are higher (and different), like 62/59, then the first number is your Distance PD and the second is your Near PD (for reading-only glasses). If the two numbers are lower (and different), like 30.5/31.5, then you had someone take your PD one eye at a time (called “monocular PD”). The first number is for the right eye (O.D.) and the second number is for the left eye (O.S.). If you have a monocular PD, put it in the “Right PD” and “Left PD” input fields of the order form, otherwise ignore these. If the two numbers are the same, like 30.5/30.5, you can just add them together (61 in this example) and we’ll automatically divide it equally.

Click here for your Pupillary-Distance, [popup url=]PD Ruler[/popup] and written instructions.

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